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GPL-GPS Hardware

GPS Chipset

GPL-GPS is currently only supports the Zarlink GP4020 GPS receiver chip, which is an ?ARM7TDMI 32 bit processor with an on-chip GPS correlator peripheral. The chip was previously owned by Mitel, and then previously owned before that by GEC Plessey.

What about other GPS chipsets? We're currently eyeing the Nemerix chipset since it has a embedded LEON (open source SPARC v8) processor, which already has eCos ported to it. We'll eventually get to that, but first we'll finish polishing the GP4020 port which, uh, may take a while. heh.

We'd really love to do a version of GPL-GPS to other chipset manufacturers, like SiRF or Trimble. However, first these chipset manufacturers will need to release the documentation on their chips in some open way; e.g., release their datasheets to the web. Then we'd gladly port the GPL-GPS code. Unfortauntely, these chipsets now currently require a NDA and an ungodly expensive development kit if you want to use them. And then, of course, because of the NDA you can't share your work with others.

GPS Receivers

GPL-GPS software development is focussed on SigTec Navigation's MG5001 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) GPS receiver. OEM means it's a circuit boad and nothing else: no keyboard, display, no antenna, etc. We chose the MG5001 because of it's nice layout, decent memory layout, and access to many of the GP4020's pins via a 51 pin connector.

GPL-GPS, however, should work on just about any Zarlink GP4020-based receiver. Some of these receivers are:

Development boards

Usually you need more than just the GPS board - you need a "carrier" board with power supplies and RS-232C line converters, maybe even a USB to serial converter onboard. Here are our open hardware development, or carrier boards:

Other cool Hardware