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Project Notes


I'm currently teaching a class on GPL-GPS!


Working on "improving" ?MoinMoin... you can see my change requests here: MoinMoinChanges


We're running a comparison of the MG5001 OEM software and GPL-GPS. We're going to get our butts kicked, since we have no fancy-pants features, but that's fine, I need this for my thesis right now. Defense this Friday, yikes! Here's a short run of data from the log feature ('l' which runs the display_log() function from position.c). Here's some ECEF data from the sigtec firmware.


Created this "notes" page. Less pretentious than "project log" ;). First fix of GPL-GPS! Here's a picture to prove it. Oh. Darn. Ignore the date, a bug in the clock bias correction (since fixed) caused the time to jump around, sometimes by years. Whoops.

first fix.png