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GPL-GPS Software

Setting up GPL-GPS is not trivial, and will take a bit of doing. Here's an overview of all the things you'll need to do to get up and running with GPL-GPS:

  1. Setup your PC to develop GPL-GPS Code
    1. Get your host development environment set up (the arm-elf-gcc toolchain).
    2. Download the latest eCos source code.
  2. Setup your MG5001 GPS receiver to do code development.
    1. Get the eCos development environment set up and compile two flavors of RedBoot (one for RAM, one for ROM).
    2. Load the RedBoot RAM image, and use it to burn the RedBoot ROM image onto the MG5001's flash.
  3. Develop GPL-GPS code for your application.
    1. Get the GPL-GPS source code.
    2. Compile eCos for use with GPL-GPS in RAM.
    3. Compile the GPL-GPS code and link with the compiled eCos.
    4. Download the code into the MG5001's RAM using gdb-stubs (which is in the RedBoot ROM image in the MG5001's flash).
    5. Develop your code!
  4. Burn your code into the MG5001.
    1. Recompile eCos for use with GPL-GPS in ROM.
    2. Recompile your GPL-GPS code with the new eCos.
    3. Use RedBoot ROM to burn the GPL-GPS/eCos ROM image into Flash.
  5. You're now done: when you power up the receiver, it runs your code!

Work in progess:

Older things:

Non-GPS, Non-eCos code:

eCos & RedBoot for the GP4020:


SVN instructions

GPL-GPS uses SVN for storing and versioning code. Here's a few resources for getting setup to run it:

Both Windows and *nix users should follow the instructions on ?GplGpsCvsAccess to get the current version of the GPL-GPS source code.