The GPL-GPS Project/ ToDo

GPL-GPS To Do List

Here's prioritized task/to-do list for GPL-GPS.

Software To-Do List

  1. Move the ISR,DSR and tracking.c functions and data objects to the fast 32 bit 8 KB SRAM.
    • Jonathan's done this (in a way which bypasses eCos) so this is in testing.
  2. New PLL loop for high dynamics and MUCH better lock(!)
    • Tak is working on this (PLL+FLL), and Andrww is looking into this as well (higher order PLL).
    • Quasi-coherent PLL to replace the hybrid PLL?
  3. New cold search and acquisition algorithm which doesn't drop known satellite data.
  4. Implement an almanac.
    • Parsing and storing almanac data - Jonathan
    • Implementing the GP4020 real time clock - Andrew
    • Processing of almanac data based on the clock - Jonathan/Andrew
    • Integration of almanac data with cold start algorithm.
  5. Atmospheric correction from ephemeris.
  6. Carrier phase tracking and positioning.
  7. DGPS correction generation.
  8. DGPS correction use.
  9. WAAS support.
  10. 1 pps signal
  11. Kalman filter for smoothing of pseudorange. Carrier-phase measurements contain high-fidelity information on the relative change in satellite-to-observer range, and can be used to reduce the effect of pseudorange measurement noise.
    • Is this the same as point 6?

Hardware To-Do List

  1. Re-do the carrier board with FTDI FT2232C USB to 2xUART
  2. Integrate in SPI to talk with SPI flash memory
    • Possible also talk SPI with the GP4020? (5 MB/s instead of 115.2 kbps)
    • TrondDanielsen says: I have ordered samples for MAX3420E. I will create a simple spi to usb interface card, and maybe later it can be added to the development board. I am not sure how much software is needed.
  3. Raw data capture?
  4. Open hardware board one of these days?